As Deonet’s only distributor in Turkey,Deonet serves our dealers with its superior production, design and delivery concept. Deonet has served you to our dealers with win&win principle in many major projects with product, production and printing quality since 2011. Now, with the understanding of robotics production, it offers great advantages to our valued business partners as a price. In addition, we can deliver deonet products to the address you want for special events and fairs abroad in less time. Thus, powerbank and sugar products such as the hard to carry with you without bothering you we deliver to the desired address. We strongly recommend that you take advantage of our website and dealership for our service and product details.

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There are many imported pen models in Turkey. 90% of them contain poor and dangerous substances from the Far East. We have also signed a distributorship agreement with Schneider pen, the first Pen Factory in Europe that has proved itself to our dealers in pen area. Promotional items with the view of consumers are unnamed and cheap products. You can destroy this perception with the Schneider brand. Schneider’s excellent writing performance and longevity will add more value to your customers ‘ brand.

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We market the products of more than 2500 high quality advertising agencies and dealers all over the world in the promotion industry, which has a dynamic market in the sector like Turkey. We recommend that our manufacturers, especially those with European standards of production, take advantage of our portfolio.



We provide innovative solutions and support within the framework of the production-design-delivery triangle in Turkish commercial life to our foreign customers who want to carry out special projects in Turkey.