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Who is TheCey ?

Cey Promotion and Marketing is the only company that serves promotion dealers only with high quality promotion products and brands.

TheCey was founded in order to support our producers who are producing in their field and cannot find sufficient export potential.

With the contribution of our experience in the sector and our determination of the business areas in which our country is inadequate in the field of exports has led us to a different perspective. Considering that the European promotion budget alone is € 4 billion, the accuracy of our findings will be better understood…

Cey Promotion and Marketing serves as the sole distributor of Deonet-Schneider-Codegene products to our leading advertising agency and promotion distributors in Turkey.

After our SWOT analysis, we see that the Turkish manufacturer can be much more competitive and we offer these products to more than 2500 qualified advertising agencies and promotion distributors worldwide. What product groups can we compete with?

In general,glass,textile,leather, wood and plastic manufacturers are happy to open to foreign markets. It is also our goal to bring together the products of our certified and patented companies with our customers.

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What is our advantages?

-We have a short production times, since we are on great positions all kind of shipments will be provided shortly. So thats a great advantage for your promotional and marketing projects.

-Best quality with best prices.

-A team which understands you clearly, which is the most importing issue at the moment for all industries.

TheCey company will give the perfect service which you expect. What are they?

-TheCey team will select the best manufacturers to provide services.

-Also with serious brainstorming we can create reliable solutions in best way.

-We can also provide the best services to build a new business and life in Turkey. Starting a new life in a foreign country can be exciting but also pretty stressful. Unknown and unseen circustances are the causes of this stress and we do our best to prevent this mood.